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Cough up!


The big tobacco companies must be laughing their heads off! British American Tobacco, the makers of the e-Voke electronic cigarettes, have won approval from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). That means electronic cigarettes could be prescribed on the NHS. Your tax money will be going to a company that’s part of an […]

I found myself on the payroll of a murderer once. For me to be as honest as I can about what happened, I’m not going to tell you which radio station I was working for or even what part of the UK it was in because it still scares me to this day. I like […]

In Britain any car over three years old can only legally be driven on the road if it has an up to date M.O.T. certificate. The M.O.T. test is an inspection that’s done to make sure the car is safe. When we had our car shipped from Australia it was only a year old so […]

By early 1997, I was pretty sure that I had failed in my first attempt to get a job on the radio in the UK. I was presenting the night-time show on 2GO on the New South Wales Central Coast. 2CR in Bournemouth wrote to me, said they liked my demo and told me they were […]



I should run my own country. You may have worked out that I’m not happy with the way this country is run. There are too many politicians, they make bad decisions, waste too much time and are over-paid dishonest power-hungry megalomaniacs. The Government has announced a 1% pay rise for public sector workers, including nurses […]