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It was the coat that gave it away. It wasn’t even that nice a coat, a grey, rumpled overcoat that wouldn’t look good on anybody. On Monday, sat opposite me on the 18:17 from London St Pancras to Peterborough via Hitchin, was the multi-award-winning playwright, screenwriter, actor and author, Alan Bennett. At first I wasn’t […]

One Track Mind


Britain’s new railway should be re-named. The transport minister, Andrew Jones agrees with me but he wants to use the wrong name. The new line will connect London with the North of England. A lot of people are against it, especially in the communities that will be affected along the route where homes will be […]

What annoys you the most about travelling by train? A list came out today of the top twenty things that we hate about travelling by rail. I was amazed to see that the thing that winds me most did not make the list. I hate being stuck next to the nutter, every train has one. […]