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This is my chat with the inspiring Garry Hayes from the podcast company HWY 61 for The Pod 20 on Podcast Radio. We talk about his love of Chelsea, Dylan and Springsteen, how he became a football writer and his passion for narrative podcasts. Check out Highway 61 Podcasts here; Follow Garry on Twitter […]

I got to talk to the hosts of “You Didn’t Let Me Finish!” which is a great true crime podcast. Victoria and Ben are broadcast journalists who are using lockdown as an excuse to exploit Ben’s (at times grim) specialism. Free murder tips included! We talked about crimes, why the podcast has such a jolly […]

Rob Goldstone


Rob Goldstone was my guest for The Pod 20 on Podcast Radio. He talked about the email he sent to the Trump Campaign in 2016 that has become the most famous email in the world. Also, what it was like working with Michael Jackson, Richard Branson, Mohammad Ali and many others.Get more stuff like this […]

Mack Nuggets


Here’s what I’ve been up to on Podcast Radio, including:The Real reason Shaun Williamson went on Big Brother and his relationship with Derek Acorah; Alan Alda on censorship on MAS*H and being beaten by Barack Obama; Gavin Esler on leadership; Dirty audiobooks with Piper Terrett; Dom Joly talks about going to school with Osama Bin […]

I had a great chat with the award winning journalist, broadcaster and best-selling author, Gavin Esler. The former Newsnight presenter talks about; His background, getting into journalism, a hairy moment in Norther Ireland during the Troubles, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, the stories leaders tell, how the British Government handled the Covid-19 crisis, the “village idiots […]