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It’s not easy to predict the the future. The Met Office have all kinds of scientific equipment including satellites to help predict the future and they’re rubbish at it. They predicted a hot dry summer for England. We actually got one of the coldest wettest. In the autumn, they predicted 38 days of Arctic winter. […]

The toast has popped up but there’s nothing to put it on to butter it this morning. The breadboard has been packed. We’re not moving house for another three days but Julie likes to get ahead of the game. Right now she’s making another run to the tip, her second of the day and all […]

Mack’s Craic


A picture is worth a thousand words. I got a new Smartphone as an early Christmas present so I’ve been wasting plenty of time playing with as many of its features as I can work out. One of the more basic things is the ability to put pictures with people’s phone numbers in my contacts […]