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I appeared on Ready Steady Cook in 2003. I’ve posted clips on here before but for the first time since it was on, here’s the whole thing; Craic on! Listen to the latest Mack Nuggets at; If you enjoyed this Craic, please click “like” and tweet a link. If you’d like to talk to me about […]

You never know how your family is going to react when you appear on national TV. In 2003, I was invited to appear on Ready Steady Cook. When it was broadcast, I was surprised by the reaction from my parents. I talked about it on the radio station I was working on at the time […]

What’s wrong with plates? When you order food out these days you’re served expensive children’s portions arranged by an interior decorator. Being over-charged and under-fed is one thing but now you don’t even get a plate! Over the last three months I’ve eaten swordfish off a tin tray, chips off a rock, scampi from a […]