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If only all journalists were like Yousra Elbagir. Yousra is the winner of the Thomson Foundation Young Journalist Prize. I heard her talking to Steve Hewlett on the Radio 4 Media Show podcast the other day. She was talking about her work in Sudan. She said that there’s heavy censorship and one in ten people […]

Was it a case of mistaken identity or was I on the air with an idiot? In 2002, I was the presenter of the Breakfast Show on 106 Century FM in Nottingham. I was invited to appear as a guest on a hospital radio show. I was told it was their version of Desert Island […]

Lies, damn lies and radio ratings. Apart from revenue figures, the most important numbers in radio are the ratings. In the past I’ve been bonused on good ratings and I know people who’ve been fired because of poor ratings. Only the radio stations take ratings seriously. Everyone else, including the company that collects the numbers, […]