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Hosting a successful radio show is like standing for election. You need people to vote for you by giving you ratings. If they choose to vote for someone else, you lose and will probably be fired. To win, you have to campaign. You do this on the air by making promises about what the listener […]

If you were invited to someone’s birthday party, how would you feel if they asked you to pay £150 to be there? That’s what the Queen is doing for her 90th. I agree with Rosie Millard from The Independent, who’s written an excellent article about this PR disaster. The Queen is “inviting” along all of […]

The whole world is out to lunch. No one is paying attention! Yesterday I woke up late, didn’t shower or shave, sat in front of my computer and checked my email. It was chilly so rather than putting the central heating on, I put on my hooded sweatshirt. I opened an email sent at 10:03am from a […]