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The anti-car people are going to have to find a new reason to hate cars. For years they’ve been banging on about how bad cars are for the environment. They’ve been blaming the cars and their drivers but the truth is it’s not the cars that are dirty, it’s the fuel. I’ve been saying this […]

Wind of Change


Is having to look at a windmill the worst thing in the world? Some people think that wind farms in rural areas make the rest of the nature they’re surrounded by look ugly. Every week, I read another story about people who are opposed to wind turbines. This week it was a farmer who turned down […]

Politicians can’t seem to grasp the fact that THEY WORK FOR US. They’re always behaving as if we work for them. In Paris on Monday, only cars with odd-numbered number plates were allowed to drive. It’s supposed to reduce pollution. This is where politics becomes sinister. No one wants pollution but cars run on fossil […]