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Here’s how to be offensive on the radio without getting into trouble with Ofcom. Ofcom are the government body that regulates and licences broadcasting in the UK. They have effectively banned the song ‘Melting Pot’ by Blue Mink. They’ve found Black Diamond FM in breach of its radio licence after complaints were received about the […]

I won’t be playing Britain’s favourite Christmas song on the radio. “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues is consistently voted Britain’s most popular Christmas song but thanks to a ruling by the broadcast regulator, Ofcom, I won’t be playing it on London’s Fix Radio, the radio station for builders and tradespeople. In August this […]

We were told that the radio station BOBfm, would be destroyed, go out of business or be taken off the air, two years ago this week. In the run-up to the referendum on Scottish Independence, we banned all Scottish music. Listen to how we did it here… This got us some great publicity. Newspapers on […]

I’ve never understood why complaints that common sense would tell you, are not worth wasting your time with, get so much attention from people who run and regulate radio stations in the UK. I read this week that Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, presenters of the BBC Radio 5 Live film review show got into […]

I feel sorry for Ofcom. They have to deal with complaints about radio stations from crazy people. Yes, the people who complain to Ofcom about what radio stations broadcast are all crazy. With all the choices of what to listen to, these are the people who consistently chose to listen to stations that aren’t aimed at […]

Ofcom, the government quango that regulates radio broadcasting in the UK is still dealing with a complaint about me from 2008. I was the host of the Breakfast Show on TFM in the North East. We lived on a suburban estate and I used to talk about my neighbours. I never said exactly where I […]

In 2008 I got a complaint about something I did on TFM Radio that still hasn’t been resolved. Radio in the UK is regulated by an organisation called Ofcom. They have a strange way of dealing with complaints. You only need to get ONE complaint for them to swing into action and the person who […]

Never let listeners go on the air live. In 2003, I presented the Breakfast Show on 106 Century FM in the East Midlands of England. A truck driver called Ray used to call up a lot. One morning he said he was about to go past our studios in Nottingham and asked if he could […]

Ofcon Artists!


The Office of Communications (Ofcom) must be desperate to justify their existence and the cost of their extravagant Thames-side offices and top-heavy salary bill. A virtually unknown London community radio station called Resonance 104.4 FM has found itself in trouble with Ofcom after broadcasting a programme on the day of the Scottish Referendum encouraging people […]

Sometimes you get lucky, other times luck goes against you. Now and again both happen at once and cancel each other out. In late 1996, after three and a bit years working on commercial radio in Australia, I decided to see if I could get an on-air job in the UK. I found out that […]