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Smart Arse!


The greatest legacy of the first moon landing is the inspiration it gives to us all. 50 years ago this month, Apollo 11 touched down in the Sea of Tranquillity. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the surface.  I was five years old when I watched the grainy black and […]

Space travel has become boring! It didn’t used to be, as a child, I watched live TV pictures of people walking, talking, singing, bouncing, hitting golf balls and driving a car, 238 thousand miles away ON THE MOON! From the moment my mother woke me up before 4am on July 20 1969 by whispering, “They’re […]


The moon looked different last night. I was driving south on the M5, heading home from my cousin’s wedding. Only about an hour earlier torrential rain was being scooped away by the wipers but now they’d started to make that rubber on glass sound. I switched them off and turned on the radio. The announcer […]