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Sometimes, situations make things even funnier. In 1998, I was the Breakfast Show host at 2CRFM in Dorset. One of our advertisers was Condor Ferries. They ran high speed catamarans called JetCats from Poole to the Channel Islands. We were asked to present one of our breakfast shows from Jersey to promote the ferry service.  […]

Bar Service


England’s first pub at a motorway service station opened today on the M40 in Buckinghamshire. The RAC aren’t happy about it. Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, said: ”Does opening a pub at a motorway service station send the right message?” I don’t want a pub on the motorway either but I don’t think it should […]

Jammy Dodger


I heard the radio station travel reporter say “The A1(M) in Hertfordshire is busy southbound this morning. It’s due to sheer weight of traffic”. Sheer weight of traffic? I was checking out what a competing radio station was up to when I heard this bloke blame THE TRAFFIC for the traffic! To be fair he […]

Did anyone ask the coach drivers? I stopped at a motorway services the other day and noticed in the Food Hall that after you’ve got your fast food, you have to sit in an open-plan cafeteria on hard wooden seats at cheap tables listening to screaming kids and the sound chair legs make when they’re […]