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Phone Sex


“So, do you still want the sex?” That’s the first thing Julie said to me when we woke up on Sunday morning. In that moment I went through a myriad of emotions including shock, disappointment and confusion. Maybe it was her New Zealand accent, the fact that I wasn’t fully awake or just something Freudian […]

Love is Blind


Like most married men, I suffer from a condition known as ‘Domestic Blindness’. D.B. sufferers are unable to find everyday household objects even when they’re right in front of us. I got a great surprise birthday present from Julie. She bought me a Marshall guitar amp fridge. It’s made by the same people that make […]

Before we met.


Today Julie and I are celebrating our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. We got married in a little stone church near the water in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. We’d met a couple of years earlier at a wedding in Whangarei. I was with a load of my mates at the reception at Glenbervie Pipeband Hall when I […]