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The Mackmobile is sending me broke! A couple of months ago a light on my dash board came on. It was a little picture of an engine and underneath it said, “Check engine, visit workshop!” I took it back to the place I bought the car from just over a year ago. They charged me […]

Apple have made a big mistake. I’ve started to minimise my life by reducing the number of things I carry around with me. I’ve done away with my key ring by carrying the only three keys I use in my wallet. I don’t need a memory stick any more because I use my phone as […]

Macks Craic.


Is there going to be enough flu vaccine? I heard on the BBC that if supplies run low GPs will be using old socks. How can old socks beat the flu virus? Did you watch “Famous and Fearless”? It was literally car-crash TV.  If you missed it, Z list “celebrities” competed with each other in […]

Mack’s Craic


The bad news: You’re back at work, its freezing cold, there’s a flu epidemic and you’re fat. The good news: I’m back on the radio! If you drive a diesel, there is a way to beat the high price of fuel. A lot of people are running their diesels on cooking oil. It’s the perfect […]