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There’s a copyright claim against one of the videos I put on Youtube recently. Youtube uses software that automatically detects if copyrighted music is used in any of the videos you publish. In 1986, I lived in New Zealand and was in a 60s cover band called Liverpool Direct. A video of us doing a […]

Girl Power.


“No girls at band practice”, that’s one of the unwritten rules of rock ‘n’ roll. I found another VHS tape of my old band in New Zealand. The tape is from one of our rehearsals in 1986 at our drummer’s parents house. It features a couple of surprises. The first one is that we could […]

I can’t believe how fast we used to play everything! Today I found an old VHS tape of the first proper band I was in. It was 1986, I was 22 and lived in New Zealand. We played mainly 60s beat group covers. The band was called “Liverpool Direct”, which “suggested” that we were on […]