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Bye Bye BOB


Sad news this week, Bob FM has been bought by Communicorp and will be rebranded as Heart Hertfordshire. I worked there for five years and had a great time, I left in July last year. It means that every commercial radio station I’ve worked on in the UK has now disappeared. 2CRFM in Dorset and […]

Surely the most bizarre sport at the Winter Olympics must be curling. It’s on the telly again right now. I can’t believe this is being beamed to space from Russia and then shown all over the world. The thing that annoys me the most about curling is that it’s strangely hypnotic. Once you work out […]

Mack’s Craic


I’ve been working on the air at a lot of different radio stations around the UK lately and it’s been quite a steep learning curve. Next week, it’ll be twenty-one consecutive days broadcasting on five different radio stations, all in different parts of the country and sometimes two stations in different cities on the same […]