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Picture This


The older generation complain about young people constantly looking at screens on tablets or phones. They accuse them of not being fully present, especially if those screen-obsessed kids are surrounded by amazing things going on around them. Frustrated parents have gone on Twitter and shared pictures of their kids surrounded by natural beauty – but […]

Apple are starting to confuse me now. The new iPhone is out, actually there are two new ones. The iPhone 8 replaces the iPhone 7. They’ve also released the iPhone 10 (X). They’ve skipped 9 completely. Each new Apple phone has more features than the last but they’re also taking things away. The iPhone 7, […]

There are a lot of videos online that show what looks like people in old movies talking on mobile phones. This is supposed to prove that these people are time travellers. Well that just doesn’t make sense. Even if someone had taken their phone back in time, it wouldn’t work because there would be no […]

I nearly got thrown out of a London theatre on Saturday! It was a play called Red Velvet at the Garrick Theatre on Charing Cross Road. The seats were excellent, third row, right in the middle of the stage. Just before the show started, I took a photo of the stage to show how close we were. […]

There were a couple of weird coincidences on our anniversary weekend trip to Stockholm. As we were queuing up to get on the plane at Heathrow, I spotted a bushy eyebrow bloke. We always find these people fascinating. Why don’t old men trim their eyebrows? This bloke’s brows looked like two very scared, furry animals. […]

Apple have made a big mistake. I’ve started to minimise my life by reducing the number of things I carry around with me. I’ve done away with my key ring by carrying the only three keys I use in my wallet. I don’t need a memory stick any more because I use my phone as […]

Sometimes present self is too optimistic about future self’s abilities. Last night I made the mistake of downloading the new OS onto my iPhone, it took AGES! I was already in bed, excitement had got the better of me when I saw the message that said new software was available. I go to bed really […]



This morning, the alarm on my iPhone woke me up. I got up and watched Sky News on the phone while I shaved. While eating breakfast I opened up my Chromebook, checked my email and posted a link to my blog on Twitter. I drove to work listening to the Adam Carolla Show Podcast. I […]

Mack’s Craic


A picture is worth a thousand words. I got a new Smartphone as an early Christmas present so I’ve been wasting plenty of time playing with as many of its features as I can work out. One of the more basic things is the ability to put pictures with people’s phone numbers in my contacts […]