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Mack Nuggets


Here’s what I’ve been up to on Podcast Radio Lately including chats with the Hollywood script writer Ken Levine about his epic blog fight with Roseanne Barr and Seattle radio host BJ Shea from 99.9 FM KISW talks about making a stripper cry. If you enjoyed this Craic, please click “like” and tweet a link.Check […]

London Calling


If you’re a fan of Lord Of The Rings or Lost, you’ll enjoy my chat with the actor Dominic Monaghan. He talks about how he went from being a hyperactive child in Manchester to star in one of the world’s biggest film franchises and one of the most successful TV shows of all time. As […]

I accidentally called the Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst. It was in 2002, when I was presenting the Breakfast Show on 106 Century FM. One of the things I used to do was call public payphones around the world and chat to whoever answered. One morning I called the payphone next to the toilets in Swingers […]