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There will be many touching tributes to Muhammad Ali at his funeral on Friday but it’ll be hard to top what he said about himself. Muhammad Ali is the only celebrity I can think of that got away with telling everyone how great he was without making himself unlikeable. In fact the more he said […]

Mother’s Day.


I got an unexpected bonus last weekend. I visited my parents in the North West, sat with my mum and recorded a “Director’s Commentary” to go along with our 8mm home movies. In one of our many tea breaks, my dad pulled out their old wedding album from 1956. When we’d finished recording the stuff […]

Sound Idea.


I should get my mother to record a “director’s commentary”! That was the thought I had when I blogged about the home movies that my dad shot in the 60s and 70s. Most DVDs come with “special features” and “extras”, why not our old cine films? On Saturday I managed to get mum to […]

My mum has always said that if her house was on fire the only thing she’d run back in to get would be the home movies. Actually she didn’t call them “home movies” they were always called the “cine films”. Not long after my parents were married, their house was burgled and my father’s still […]

I loved living in Australia and working on the radio there, I even became an Australian citizen, but to most Aussies, I was still a Pom. I remember one night in 1996, when I presented the night-time show on 2GO on the New South Wales Central Coast. I took a phone call on the air […]

Oldies Radio


The past and the present collided this week. I’m in York presenting the drive-time program, 4pm to 7pm on BBC Radio York. An old mate of mine from Australia was in town. Phil McNab was one of my teachers at The Australian Film TV and Radio School (AFTRS). Phil and his wife Vivian are on […]