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Mack Nuggets


I went to a radio station reunion this weekend. It was BRMB’s 45th reunion at Bacchus Bar in Birmingham. I worked there from March 99 to January 02. I caught up with James Blonde and Ollie Hayes who’ve got hairier and balder respectively… Everyone has got older except Les Ross who should be 70 now […]

Radio Ga Ga


Is radio finished? I never listen to the radio anymore. I listen to a lot of radio stations but not on a device that picks up broadcast audio through AM, FM or DAB. I listen online. At work, I listen through a PC, at home though my iMac, my Macbook, or my Amazon Echo. In […]

If you still buy a physical newspaper, you are either old or don’t have access to the internet. I can’t remember the last time I bought one, or even read one on actual paper. I get all of my news online. I realised this week that I’ve done the same with radio. In the car, […]

Sometimes you get lucky, other times luck goes against you. Now and again both happen at once and cancel each other out. In late 1996, after three and a bit years working on commercial radio in Australia, I decided to see if I could get an on-air job in the UK. I found out that […]

In 1995, the thing that frightened me the most when I started doing nights on the air at 2GO was ratings. At my first two radio jobs, 2PK and 5SE, they only did ratings surveys every few years and I hadn’t been at either station during a ratings sweep. I THOUGHT I was pretty good […]

JACK fm has a problem. It’s a problem that affects the future survival of the radio station. We really don’t know what we’re going to do. Crisis is the only way to describe the situation. We need YOUR help. Find out more on JACKfm. Craic on! Listen to the latest Mack Nuggets at 

The toast has popped up but there’s nothing to put it on to butter it this morning. The breadboard has been packed. We’re not moving house for another three days but Julie likes to get ahead of the game. Right now she’s making another run to the tip, her second of the day and all […]

Mack’s Craic


I’ve been working on the air at a lot of different radio stations around the UK lately and it’s been quite a steep learning curve. Next week, it’ll be twenty-one consecutive days broadcasting on five different radio stations, all in different parts of the country and sometimes two stations in different cities on the same […]