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Dom Joly


I had a Zoomchat with Dom Joly about Trigger Happy TV, his books, his passion for travelling and going to school with Osama bin Laden. He’s my first guest on the Pod 20 Countdown on Podcast Radio. Listen every Friday at 5pm on DAB in London and online here;… Craic on! If you enjoyed […]

Russ & Jono, the multi award-winning radio show hosts are back! They appeared as guest stars on Fix Radio last month and the audience response was so big that now they’re back, permanently. The Russ and Jono Fix Radio Experience will be heard weekdays 12-1pm and Saturdays 8-10am on Fix Radio London and Fix Radio […]

Radio Ga Ga


Is radio finished? I never listen to the radio anymore. I listen to a lot of radio stations but not on a device that picks up broadcast audio through AM, FM or DAB. I listen online. At work, I listen through a PC, at home though my iMac, my Macbook, or my Amazon Echo. In […]

If you still buy a physical newspaper, you are either old or don’t have access to the internet. I can’t remember the last time I bought one, or even read one on actual paper. I get all of my news online. I realised this week that I’ve done the same with radio. In the car, […]

Sometimes people who’ve turned you over, end up in a position where they find themselves asking for your help. “The Program Director’s name is Graham Mack… “G, R, A, H… yes, that’s him… yes, I think he did used to work there…” When Laura in the BOB fm office hung up the phone, she turned […]

Thank you so much to everyone who wished us well with the launch of BOB fm. Thanks to DAB, we now cover Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and beyond. Does that make BOB fm, the biggest independently owned radio station in Britain? Here’s what our launch sounded like; Listen live right now; Craic on! […]

“Radio was the primary source of information for many people with power out to much of the city”. That’s what Dallas Gurney, the General Manager of Newstalk ZB from New Zealand said. He was speaking at the New York Festivals International Radio Program & Promotion Awards in June 2012. Newstalk ZB had just won Gold for […]

The toast has popped up but there’s nothing to put it on to butter it this morning. The breadboard has been packed. We’re not moving house for another three days but Julie likes to get ahead of the game. Right now she’s making another run to the tip, her second of the day and all […]