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The Altar Boy is the latest audiobook I’ve done. I tell the story of the infamous Teesside drug dealer Paddy Molony in his own words. I lived on Teesside for four years where I presented The Breakfast Show on TFM so doing the audiobook took me back to a lot of familiar places. The audiobook […]

The latest audiobook I’ve done is a cracker. It’s got everything, cops, robbers and musicians, it’s mostly set in Liverpool. It’s called ‘The Memorabilia Man’ and was written by the Liverpool author Charlie Wood. For this one, I had to perform over forty different characters. As most of them are scouse, I used members of […]

Julie was the victim of a crime on Friday. She works in a shop and they play music through Spotify. They just plug an old iPhone into the sound system. The phone is so old, it won’t hold a charge and when they plug it into the mains it crackles, so Julie has been connecting […]

I was the victim of a crime on the mean streets of Chicago a few years ago. I was reminded of this today when I came across a Youtube video of James Bay playing in Buddy Guy’s “Legends” club. James is from where we live in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and it turns out that he’s also […]

Fobbed Off!


I broke the law this week and I’m glad I did. My car key got damaged. The key blade and electronic guts of it were fine, I just needed a new key shell for the fob bit of it. I called around and the cheapest genuine key shell for my car from the dealer was […]

I found myself on the payroll of a murderer once. For me to be as honest as I can about what happened, I’m not going to tell you which radio station I was working for or even what part of the UK it was in because it still scares me to this day. I like […]