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My first three months at BRMB went well on the air but badly off the air. My boss and I were not communicating. It was 1999, I was presenting the 9am till noon show. Every morning before my airshift, I finished prepping the show in the open plan office in the old building in Aston. […]

Music on the radio is messed with and it doesn’t always sound better. If a song has a wishy washy start it’ll be cued in so it starts at the bit where it really gets going. ‘Relax’ by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and UB40’s version of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love” are just a couple […]

I love using audio clips out of context. In 1999 I presented the 9 till noon show on BRMB in the West Midlands. One morning the big news was all about the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott. At the annual Labour Party Conference, Mr Prescott had sparked a small outcry when he and his wife […]

In 1999, I declared war on Germany. I was on the air at BRMB Radio in the West Midlands at the time. The Rover plant at Longbridge employed 14,000 people and an estimated 50,000 more worked for companies supplying them. Rover had been bought by BMW but things were not good. Rover was making a […]

When you interview celebrities on the radio, you get the best out of them if they’re comfortable and you’ve made them feel welcome. I accidentally ruined a celebrity interview once and it was an interview I didn’t have anything to do with. In 2000, I was the presenter of the 9am to noon show on […]

Sometimes you end up with egg on your face. Birmingham is Britain’s biggest city outside London. The main sorting office for the Royal Mail is the Aston Delivery Office. It’s a purpose-built, quarter of million square foot sorting office. The main hall houses eight integrated mail processors and ten sorting machines which can deal with […]

One of the biggest ironies in radio is that although we’re in the business of communication at lot of us are really bad at communicating. I worked for a station in the Midlands for a while and had all sorts of problems with the boss. We didn’t see eye-to eye on everything and both of […]

“You’re going to be working for the Mafia now!” That’s what my boss at Century Radio in the North East said to me the day I left to go and work on the air at BRMB in Birmingham in March 1999. BRMB was owned by Capital Radio. What did he mean? Was he comparing Capital […]