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Secrets don’t stay secrets for very long in radio. In 2001, I was presenting the 9 till noon show on BRMB in Birmingham. I still had over a year left to run on a three year deal and was being paid a stupid amount of money. The on-air lineup was changed every quarter and in […]

Radio is a very competitive game, that’s why radio people don’t like taking holidays. In 1994, I was presenting the afternoon Drive show on 5SE Mount Gambier in South Australia. The Program Director was Pat Fleming, he was my boss. He also presented the Breakfast Show, the most important show on the station. I knew […]

It’s amazing how different the world looks at different times of the day. Yesterday, I didn’t have to get to work till after 7:30am. I start on the Breakfast Show on Jack FM in Hertfordshire next week so it was a useful exercise. I sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic southbound on the A1 like a lot […]