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Sometimes you should look at the glass as half full. I got an email from James Cridland the other day. James is a British radio consultant who recently moved to Brisbane, Australia. He mentioned that 4BC, the talk station in Brisbane now has only one local presenter. The rest of the shows are networked from […]

  No matter how hard you work and how determined you are, sometimes it just takes a bit of luck. When I found out that I’d made it through to the third and final stage of the selection process to get on the top broadcasting course in Australia, I was worried. I’d broken the rules to get […]

Radio Daze When I got to the studios, of 2SM, it was surreal. They put me in a brand new studio next to a big window that looked out over the magnificent Sydney Harbour. There were only a few distant wispy clouds that summer evening; the water was electric blue and the clear sky provided […]

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We’re going around the world in twenty-five days, one day for every year we’ve been married. Julie and I got married in New Zealand on 3rd October 1987. Day 6 Sydney: I’d almost forgotten what a truly great city Sydney is. Julie and I have moved around a lot for work but Sydney is the […]