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One of the big differences between working on the radio in Australia and working here in the UK is the studio mixing desks. When you start a new on-air job, you have to quickly get used to the studio mixing desk, or the “desk”. That’s what it’s called in the UK, in Australia it’s called […]

Ofcon Artists!


The Office of Communications (Ofcom) must be desperate to justify their existence and the cost of their extravagant Thames-side offices and top-heavy salary bill. A virtually unknown London community radio station called Resonance 104.4 FM has found itself in trouble with Ofcom after broadcasting a programme on the day of the Scottish Referendum encouraging people […]

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join them It was late 1992, I was still earning my living  from cold air, not hot air. I’d sent demo tapes to every commercial radio station in Australia and I was presenting a weekly show on a community radio station but wasn’t being paid. I heard about The Australian […]

Hope and Glory Napoleon Bonaparte once said “The leader’s role is to define reality, then give hope”. Isn’t that what we all need on a regular basis, someone to give it to us straight and then inspire us? Without a clear view of reality we can become deluded and make bad decisions or even worse, […]

Ticket to Ryde Newton’s second law of motion states that a force, acting on an object, will change the object’s velocity by changing either its speed or its direction or both. – I found an old cassette today from 1991, the year I decided to change speed and direction. I was 27, living in Sydney […]