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Why did Prince William make a direct television appeal to the people of China? It’s one of the most bizarre aspects of the state visit to Britain of the Chinese president Xi Jinping. Prince William was invited to speak on Chinese state TV about the issue of wildlife conservation. He was an odd choice as […]

I was taught a lesson this morning by a badger. I was driving to work just before 5am when the badger ran out into the middle of the road. I hit the brakes and slowed down to about five miles per hour. Instead of carrying on across the road, the badger turned and started to […]

Did you know that there is a dinosaur that isn’t extinct? There was a period of early palaeontology around a hundred and thirty years ago known as the ‘Bone Wars’. Othniel Charles Marsh was a professor of palaeontology at Yale. He made many dinosaur fossil discoveries, including the Apatosaurus. The Bone Wars was the name […]



I don’t understand wildlife. This morning driving to work, I had to stop because a deer was stood in the middle of the main road. It was before 5am, so I was the only car for miles. I thought, he’ll move away as I get closer but no, he just stood there. I ended up coming […]