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The thing I liked the most about working on the radio at night was the special bond that develops between the host and the listener. I’m sure that anyone who’s ever presented on the radio at night will say the same thing. Night-time listeners are the most loyal of all, you end up becoming part […]

A Saturday morning children’s radio show host signed off with, “Well boys and girls, that’s all we’ve got time for this week, be nice to each other till next week”. Then, not realising his mike was still live, he said on the air, “That should keep the little buggers quiet…” I’ve lost count of how […]

“Hey, Macca, how hard would it be to gatecrash a parade?” That’s what Tony, one of my regular callers asked me one night. It was 1996, I did the 7pm to midnight shift, week nights on 2GO on the New South Wales Central Coast. The annual Gosford City Christmas Parade was coming up and after […]

I have to admit that I used to go AWOL from my own radio show. I didn’t just leave the studio, I used to leave the radio station in the middle of my program on a regular basis. In 1996, when I’d been working at 2GO on the New South Wales Central Coast for about […]

I’ve been in trouble many times for things I’ve done on the radio but once I nearly got one of my listeners the sack. In 1995 I was working on the air at 2GO on the New South Wales Central Coast. It was where I first learned how to run a digital play-out system. All […]

I don’t like being called “sir”. In Britain, I’m called “sir” by barmen, shop assistants, removal men, taxi drivers and ticket collectors. In fact, most people I give money to call me “sir”. The message I get from them is that they don’t trust me. Think about it, we’re only super-formal with people we don’t trust. […]

In June 1995, I’d handed my notice in at 5SE Mount Gambier. I’d been doing the Breakfast show there for about a year and had been offered the Drive-time gig at 3GG in Warragul Victoria. It was a good job and I was really looking forward to working with the Program Director, Mark Vale. Days […]

Sometimes, the timing is perfect, sometimes it isn’t. The job of presenting a daily air-shift on the radio is pretty much exactly the same no matter where you do it but in commercial radio, your pay is related to what the station charges for advertising. That depends on the size of your audience. Assuming your […]

Perception isn’t reality.  When you’re on TV every night, you get stared at in public. In 1994, I was presenting the Breakfast Show on 5SE, the local commercial radio station for the South East of South Australia. I was also on the telly every night presenting commercials for a car dealers and a supermarket. I […]

“The lock-up where our stuff is stored has been broken into!” That’s what Julie said to me after she got off the phone from the removal company. In August 1994, we’d moved from Parkes in the Central West of New South Wales to Mount Gambier in South Australia. Mount Gambier is over a thousand kilometres […]

Every radio job I’ve had has meant moving hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of kilometers. I finally got offered my second radio gig in August 1994. I’d been doing the 2pm to 7pm shift at 2PK in the Central West of New South Wales for about a year. We’d moved 356 kilometres from Sydney […]

I got interviewed for my second radio job while I was doing my first radio job. In August 1994, I’d been working at 2PK in the Central West of New South Wales for about a year. I was on the air when I got a call off the air from Steve Whelan the General Manager at […]

I thought I was going to get the sack every day of my first paid radio job. It was 1993 and I was hired to present the Breakfast Show at “Hits and Memories, 2PK” in the Central West of New South Wales. They started me on the afternoon/drive shift and moved me to Breakfast when […]

In 1993, I learned a valuable lesson that saved my career and some pretty heavy legal proceedings twelve years later. I got my first complaint a few weeks after going on the air at the first commercial radio station I worked at, 2PK in the Central West of New South Wales.  I can’t remember what I’d […]

I’ve found myself in some bizarre situations thanks to radio. Once it happened indirectly but I still blame radio. My first paying job was at 2PK in Parkes in the Central West of New South Wales. They hired me to do the breakfast show but after I made a mess of one of the funeral […]

I’m so glad that my first professional job in commercial radio was at a regional station in Australia. My time at 2PK in the Central West of New South Wales gave me a great grounding in so many different things. When you work at those small stations, you have to be able to do everything. […]

Police in regional Australia are very different to Sydney cops. They take a more practical approach to problem solving. We found this out when Julie and I lived in Parkes in the Central West of New South Wales. We’d moved there in 1993 because I’d got a job on the air at the local radio […]

Being on the radio every day is the coolest job in the world. So many people want to do it but don’t know how to get started so they do odd things to get noticed. My first on-air job was at 2PK in New South Wales, Australia. The radio station was in Parkes. In 1993, […]

What do you do when you come face to face with deadly spiders? My first paid job in commercial radio was at 2PK, in Parkes which is in the Central West of New South Wales. Julie and I moved there from Sydney so I could present the afternoon show. We soon discovered that we shared […]

When I finally got my first professional broadcasting job, things started out OK but by my third week on the air, I was convinced that I was going to get fired every single day I worked there. In August 1993, “Hits and Memories 2PK” in Parkes New South Wales were looking for a new Breakfast […]