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The latest audiobook I’ve narrated and produced could change your life! It’s called ‘Financial Freedom Now’. It shows you how to quit your job and live the life of your dreams. It’s almost nine hours of audio that shows you how Jim Chuong turned the financial knowledge he gained over the last 25 years into […]



My latest guest from the wardrobe is Suruthi Bala, one of the hosts of RedHanded which is a fabulous True Crime podcast. Check it out here; . I chatted to Suruthi for my show, ‘The Pod 20’ on Podcast Radio which you can hear on Fridays at 5pm (UK Time) on DAB in London, The […]

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Here’s what I’ve been up to on Fix Radio lately, including; How Busy?; How far?; Why vegan; Zulu; Big Tone and the canoe; Radio examination; U2 confused; New Year’s resolutions; Mark The Shark;; Mick’s mate’s best swap; The war downstairs; Mistaken identity; Wayne Rooney & Jonathon; Breaking up advice from Steve. Craic on! If […]

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Here’s what I’ve been up to on Fix Radio lately, including: The Queen confesses to Donald Trump about her sordid past. The writing is on the wall for Mick. A selfie with Wayne Rooney. A special birthday song. The stripper. The sex festival. Steve’s worst Christmas present. Television New Zealand ripps of the USA but […]

The weird noise in the hallway of our new build apartment is still there! The builders have been, switched off all of the power in our place and the noise continues. This confirms that it’s coming from our neighbours. The other side of the wall is their bathroom, what are they doing in there day […]

If someone pays you to be their friend, are they REALLY your friend? Our Prime Minister, Theresa May has been to Saudi Arabia this week. She’s been sucking up to them so they buy more arms and military training from Britain. Saudi Arabia’s values are the complete opposite to ours. They have an appalling record […]

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Here’s what I’ve been up to on BOBfm lately… Inappropriate laughter; A bizarre wrong number; A leopard in the hotel room; If it’s got boobs or wheels, it’ll give you problems; Why Nancy won’t go back to London; 20 years since Oasis played Knebworth; Why the Daily Mail is great; Show us your tats; Is […]

We were told that the radio station BOBfm, would be destroyed, go out of business or be taken off the air, two years ago this week. In the run-up to the referendum on Scottish Independence, we banned all Scottish music. Listen to how we did it here… This got us some great publicity. Newspapers on […]

I gave up smoking for the same reasons I started smoking. I took up smoking at 14 because I wanted to be grown up and cool. I gave up smoking at 21 because I wanted to be grown up and cool. Craic on! Listen to the latest Mack Nuggets at; If you enjoyed this […]

I had the honor and privilege of appearing on the PodcastOne international hit podcast “Up Close and Far Out” this week with the wonderful Michael Harrison from The website described it as,”…an extensive chat with Graham Mack, the personable “breakfast show” host and program director of independent music and talk station BOB-FM located in the […]

Anyone who says they understand Linkedin is lying. That’s because no one understands Linkedin. When you ask out loud in a crowded office, “What’s the point of Linkedin?”, I guarantee that at least one smug idiot will roll their eyes and say the word “networking”. I found out this week that that’s the biggest lie […]



This morning, the alarm on my iPhone woke me up. I got up and watched Sky News on the phone while I shaved. While eating breakfast I opened up my Chromebook, checked my email and posted a link to my blog on Twitter. I drove to work listening to the Adam Carolla Show Podcast. I […]

“Debbie” from Aberdeen has just endorsed me for “broadcasting” on Linkedin. I’ve never met Debbie and have never been on the radio in Scotland. What does it all mean? Does she listen to my show on the internet? The truth is, I just don’t ‘get’ Linkedin. Every day I get contact requests from people I’ve never […]