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Junior Choice


When Whitney Houston sang, “I believe that children are our future”, she wasn’t talking about radio. Young people aren’t listening to the radio. They’re too busy doing other things, mostly online. They get their music from Spotify or download it for free from elsewhere. Radio One’s average listening age is 32. Kids haven’t been habitually […]



The hunt is on for a school kid who has been secretly planting cooked sprouts in other kids’ bags. Staff at Monkfield Park Primary School in Cambridge have sent out a letter to all of the parents and banned the kids from playtime until they get a confession. It sounds to me like the kid […]

Foiled Again!


I found some sandwiches wrapped in aluminium foil today in the fridge at work. I just don’t get that, it’s not even airtight! It won’t keep anything fresh. Why not just use a sandwich bag or the bag the bread came in? Now of course if this was school, not work then foil would be […]