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The latest audiobook I’ve narrated is out now and you can get a free download if you sign up for a free trail of Audible. Just click on the image above to get a link the the UK Audible site or the image below to get a link to the US Audible site. Mixed Blessings […]

Never judge a book by it’s movie. I’m reading all fourteen James Bond books written by Ian Fleming in the order they were published. Right now I’m up to the eleventh one, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. I mentioned this at work today and one of my workmates shouted out, “That’s the one where George […]

Why do we still have libraries in the 21st century? Birmingham City Council spent £183 million on a new library. It opened in 2013, now they can’t afford any books. They recently put out a leaflet that read, “Books required! Due to public saving cuts we are no longer purchasing any new books or newspapers. […]