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Cats are superheroes. Think about it, they have superhero powers. Their acrobatic agility is on a par with spiderman and I’ve seen them eat flies. Their night vision is so good, they can bat a ping pong ball around on a wooden floor in total darkness long enough to wake up every human in the […]

Common Problem


I have a scientific theory that I’m publishing for the first time in this blog. It was inspired by the recent discovery of gravitational waves. The ability to detect these waves means that astronomers will be able to look further into space than ever before. Gravitational waves travel at the speed of light, which means […]

Why does our cat Memphis hate it when cars park across the road from our flat? He sits in the window and growls at them. He doesn’t mind if they drive down the street and he’s not bothered if cars park further up the road. I noticed today that there are double yellow lines next […]