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I’ve got an idea for a podcast that could change the way we think about certain people. When prejudice is targeted towards a group, it becomes a negative ‘ism’ and is obviously wrong. You can’t judge someone’s character based on the colour of their skin, their gender, their age, their accent or anything else that […]

Trevor Dann is a British writer and broadcaster who has been associated with some of the most influential radio and television music programmes and events of the last 30 years. He talks candidly about his background, growing up in Nottingham, his career including his BAFTA award winning involvement in Live Aid, 25 Years of Rock, […]

When you have to move to a new town quickly, there isn’t time to fully research the best and worst areas to live. You can usually tell the rough bits from the nice bits by going there, but we slipped up in 2001. I got a job as Breakfast Show host on 106 Century FM, […]