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Secret Sound


What the hell is this buzz? This mysterious noise in the hallway of our new apartment never goes away. It started about a month ago and is more noticeable at night. At first I thought it was a neighbour’s fridge or freezer but it doesn’t cycle on and off, it’s continuous. The other side of […]

Radio Ga Ga


Is radio finished? I never listen to the radio anymore. I listen to a lot of radio stations but not on a device that picks up broadcast audio through AM, FM or DAB. I listen online. At work, I listen through a PC, at home though my iMac, my Macbook, or my Amazon Echo. In […]

How would you like it if while you were having a relaxing moment, someone started using an angle grinder, just a few yards away from you? How about a pneumatic drill or a chainsaw? That’s what happens in public toilets. It’s since hot air hand driers became supercharged. Some of them are louder than any […]