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Radio is the theatre of the mind.  Richie Firth used to present travel reports on 2CRFM from the streets of Dorset and Hampshire dressed as a chicken. I can’t remember exactly how that all started but I know that when I presented the Breakfast Show there in 1998, “Richie The Travel Chicken” was very popular. […]

I wish we could just ban ‘journalese’. It’s the language newspapers are printed in.  It’s such a big problem that Robert Hutton, a political correspondent for Bloomberg News, wrote a book about it. It’s called, ‘Romps, Tots and Boffins – The Strange Language of News’. Of course if this was a newspaper article, I would […]

Mouse Trap


As the victim told her harrowing story of abuse, it sounded like the interviewer had got bored and had started checking his email. I was listening to an interview on a national radio station today. While the guest was talking, I could clearly hear the familiar sound of a computer mouse clicking. I don’t know […]

I stood accused of murder. It was 5am, two police officers were waiting for me when I arrived at the radio station. This all happened in 1998, I was presenting the Breakfast Show on 2CRFM on England’s South Coast. It all started innocently enough when the owners of the radio station booked the former Radio […]

I don’t miss newspapers. Maybe I’m not that bothered by their demise because one of them set me up and then turned on me in 1998. I was the presenter of the Breakfast Show at 2CR FM on England’s South Coast. Not long after I got there, the local rag got in touch and asked […]

These new e-passports are a con. I found out first hand this week. There’s a lot of fuss right now about e-passports which have a chip in them so they’re supposed to be more secure. I read on that they’re easy to clone and fake. They even published this picture of Elvis Presley’s e-passport […]

Sean Hannity from Fox News crept up behind Michael Harrison, the publisher of “Talkers” and grabbed him by the throat while I was interviewing him for the latest Radio Academy podcast. It was all in good fun and set the tone for what was billed as “The 17th installment of the talk media industry’s longest […]

When you’ve just spent twenty five hours squashed into an economy class seat and a few more hours in airports changing planes between Sydney and New York via Auckland, Honolulu and Los Angeles, the thing you look forward to the most is a nice hotel room and a comfortable bed. Unfortunately, that’s not what we […]

My last show on the radio in Australia was very emotional. In January 1997, I was offered my first radio job in Britain. I’d been presenting shows on commercial radio stations in Australia for the past three and a bit years and was hosting the night-time show on 2GO on the New South Wales Central Coast. […]

Fat Chancer


There is no such thing as an “Obesity Epidemic”. Obesity isn’t a disease, it’s caused by an over-active fork! If you’re fat, it’s YOUR own fault. You’re the one who is eating too much and not doing enough exercise. It’s not the government’s fault, it’s YOUR fault. The government can’t help you, only YOU can […]

Sometimes you get lucky, other times luck goes against you. Now and again both happen at once and cancel each other out. In late 1996, after three and a bit years working on commercial radio in Australia, I decided to see if I could get an on-air job in the UK. I found out that […]

Historically wars have been ended through a combination of tech and talk. From radar to the atom bomb, technology has always helped to end wars but they don’t end till there’s been talks. Tech and talk has also stopped wars from starting in the first place. Somehow, the tech and talk answer has been missed by […]

The Cannes Film Festival has started this week on the French Riviera. And simultaneously, a film festival with the same name (but different spelling) is taking place in The Home Counties. If you listen to BOB fm, you’ll be able to see films in selected cinemas for free as long as you bring a CAN […]

When radio stations change owners, you can guarantee there’ll be job losses. The easiest and quickest way to increase profit is to reduce costs. While I was at 2GO on the New South Wales Central Coast, the radio station was bought by RG Capital, a company owned by the Australian media mogul, Reg Grundy. Not […]

Train in Vain


Henry Ford is supposed to have said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” I don’t know or care if Henry Ford actually ever said that but I do like what the quote says about creativity and innovation. The truth in the quote is that real progress only […]

I have to admit that I used to go AWOL from my own radio show. I didn’t just leave the studio, I used to leave the radio station in the middle of my program on a regular basis. In 1996, when I’d been working at 2GO on the New South Wales Central Coast for about […]

This month, Saudi Arabia officially identified atheists as terrorists. Sweeping new laws threaten up to 20 years in prison for any Saudi citizen or a foreigner residing in the kingdom that ‘calls for atheist thought in any form’. I don’t know why they need these new laws. No acts of terrorism have EVER been committed […]

John Alfred Anderson (62) Colin Mark Ashcroft (19) James Gary Aspinall (18) Kester Roger Marcus Ball (16) Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron (67) Simon Bell (17) Barry Sidney Bennett (26) David John Benson (22) David William Birtle (22) Tony Bland (22) Paul David Brady (21) Andrew Mark Brookes (26) Carl Brown (18) David Steven Brown (25) […]

Just before Christmas my laptop died and I lost loads of important stuff. It was a wake-up call, now I don’t store ANYTHING on any of my computers. I only ever save stuff to the cloud storage system, Google Drive. Next time any of my computers crash, at home or at work all of my […]

Caught Short!


I just said to her, “OK, I know this is the ladies toilet but I’m sorry, I was desperate!” That was me last night after an embarrassing incident at the Century Club on Shaftesbury Avenue in London. I was attending the annual Independent Radio News Awards, BOB fm had been nominated (and subsequently won). I […]