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Sting sang, “Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon”. He was right about that, the Moon is smaller than the earth and has much less mass so it pulls with less gravity. In fact, if you stood on the surface of the Moon, you would experience only 17% the force of gravity […]

I won’t be buying a ticket on Virgin Galactic. There’s a lot of confusion about Richard Branson’s plans to send paying customers into space. That’s probably because of the way it’s being reported. The media seem so keen to jam a buzz word or scientific sounding phrase into their reports that they’re just getting things […]


The moon looked different last night. I was driving south on the M5, heading home from my cousin’s wedding. Only about an hour earlier torrential rain was being scooped away by the wipers but now they’d started to make that rubber on glass sound. I switched them off and turned on the radio. The announcer […]