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Beware of the tolerance paradox! Australians have voted to legalise same sex marriage. In a national survey, 61.6% of voters voted yes to a change in the law, 38.4% were opposed. Almost 40% of those who voted were against a change in the law. This morning I watched an interview on Sky News with lady […]

A Saturday morning children’s radio show host signed off with, “Well boys and girls, that’s all we’ve got time for this week, be nice to each other till next week”. Then, not realising his mike was still live, he said on the air, “That should keep the little buggers quiet…” I’ve lost count of how […]

I don’t like being called “sir”. In Britain, I’m called “sir” by barmen, shop assistants, removal men, taxi drivers and ticket collectors. In fact, most people I give money to call me “sir”. The message I get from them is that they don’t trust me. Think about it, we’re only super-formal with people we don’t trust. […]