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Has another bogus theory been thrown out there? Is it keeping us from the truth? It’s being reported this week that experts at the British Medical Journal are saying that you shouldn’t finish an entire course of prescribed antibiotics. They they say that reducing the use of antibiotics is essential to help fight the growing […]

According to the bible “censuses are immoral” – and God killed 70,000 innocent counted Jews to punish David for counting them… It’s interesting that the latest census information we have shows that atheism is more popular in Britain than any religion. The figures show that the proportion of the population who identify themselves as having […]

I often find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. In May 2010, I started as the Breakfast Presenter at BBC Wiltshire, based in Swindon. I didn’t go on the air straight away and spent the first week driving around visiting various parts of the town, meeting local people and recording a quick […]

I’m very suspicious of a city that hates cars as much as Cambridge does. I was there yesterday. There are loads of streets that you’re not allowed to drive down and there’s hardly anywhere to park! It’s ironic that there was once a car named after this place that detests them so much. On the […]

“Most of the things I do are misunderstood. Hey, after all, being misunderstood is the fate of all true geniuses, is it not?” That quote comes from Howard Stern in his movie Private Parts. Maybe it’s a broadcasting thing, since I got into radio, I’ve constantly been misunderstood, right from the very start. In 1993, I […]

Common Problem


I have a scientific theory that I’m publishing for the first time in this blog. It was inspired by the recent discovery of gravitational waves. The ability to detect these waves means that astronomers will be able to look further into space than ever before. Gravitational waves travel at the speed of light, which means […]

I nearly got thrown out of a London theatre on Saturday! It was a play called Red Velvet at the Garrick Theatre on Charing Cross Road. The seats were excellent, third row, right in the middle of the stage. Just before the show started, I took a photo of the stage to show how close we were. […]



Why do people keep describing the outdoors as “great”? The outdoors is not great, it’s cold, damp and windy.   If the outdoors is so great, why are houses so expensive? Craic on! Listen to the latest Mack Nuggets at; If you enjoyed this Craic, please click “like” and tweet a link. If you’d […]



I’m sure my new phone and internet provider know how rubbish they are. A quick Google of their name and the phrase “customer service” reveals hundreds of horror stories and even an award for bad service. In the last Craic I told you about the problems I’m having with my landline telephone. I switched my […]

Monkey Music


I got back into music in 2004. It was all because of the late Jim Cronin. With Dr Alison Cronin, he set up the ape rescue centre, Monkey World in Dorset.  This week I found a video from 2004. I’d put a blues band together and got to be part of “Chimpfest”. It was the […]

Mack Nuggets


Here’s what I’ve been up to on BOB fm lately including: What men DON’T want for Christmas. Should we be bombing in Syria? David Beckhams old car. A hapless taxi driver. A diary mix up. Is the Apple Watch the most useless gadget ever? Plastic surgery that fixed one thing and ruined another. The USA’s […]

I was the victim of a crime on the mean streets of Chicago a few years ago. I was reminded of this today when I came across a Youtube video of James Bay playing in Buddy Guy’s “Legends” club. James is from where we live in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and it turns out that he’s also […]

John Motson owes me money. In 1998 I was the presenter of the Breakfast Show on 2CRFM on England’s South Coast. Friday’s shows were done in front of a live studio audience. Those lucky enough to get tickets were given a cooked breakfast thanks to a local hotel and booze from a local pub. One […]

I don’t normally write my Craic while I’m in the car at the petrol station but a bizarre near death experience has left me waiting here with nothing else to do.  I was filling up just now when I got the distinct impression that nothing was coming out of the nozzle. After about twenty pounds […]

A couple of weeks ago, a missing 14-year-old boy was found living in a Walmart store in Texas. He’d been missing for nearly three days. When you think about it, a 24 hour supermarket would be a great place to live. Everything you work hard to earn money to buy is right there for you […]

Although radio is the theatre of the mind, sometimes it’s important to keep it real. In 1998, I presented the Breakfast show on 2CRFM on England’s South Coast. Tom Hardy was the Program Director and I’m pretty sure it was his idea to give listeners a second chance with their losing lottery tickets. A cash […]

Do you want LESS of something you like? It’s a stupid question but a radio station called ‘90.3 Amp Radio’ in Calgary Canada thought that’s exactly what their listeners wanted. Three weeks ago they switched to a new format called “QuickHitz”. They edited down every song they played to roughly half their original length. As […]

I was always suspicious of people who said they didn’t drink. I thought teetotallers must be hiding a dark secret. They must have been involved in a shameful or embarrassing incident with tragic consequences that were caused by them drinking too much. I also wondered why they had to stop all together. Why didn’t they just […]

I got a spam email today asking, “Are you frustrated with your curl definition?” Frustrated? I don’t think I’ve ever thought about my curl definition, in fact I’m not exactly sure what that is. It reminded me that women are very complicated and are constantly worrying about thousands of things simultaneously.  Blokes aren’t like that. […]

Radio is the theatre of the mind.  Richie Firth used to present travel reports on 2CRFM from the streets of Dorset and Hampshire dressed as a chicken. I can’t remember exactly how that all started but I know that when I presented the Breakfast Show there in 1998, “Richie The Travel Chicken” was very popular. […]