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To get great phone calls on the radio these days, you have to work like a magician. I realised this when I stumbled on a Youtube video today that shows you how to do a trick that makes it look like you’ve put a penny in a glass bottle without taking the top off the […]

I overheard some people talking about TV box sets today and it reminded me of something. They were talking about their favourites including; Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Orange is The New Black. One of them said they can’t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones. I hadn’t thought about it until […]

“I can’t believe you’ve done something so unprofessional!” That’s what the Music Director of the radio station said to me one morning after my Breakfast Show. It happened over ten years ago at a large regional radio station. The Breakfast Show team and I always liked to proudly announce that, “Our show is based on […]