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The latest audiobook I’ve done is, “The Seafarer’s Lost Daughter” by Faye Godwin and it’s good story. The last thing Lindy Cook wants to do is leave beautiful Yorkshire behind. The countryside is the only home she’s ever known, and its splendid landscapes lift her spirits even amidst trouble, so does Titus, the bright-eyed country […]

I had a chat with Hari Singh about his three books that will help you make the most of lockdown. Get the audiobook versions for FREE with a free 30 trial of Audible here; If you enjoyed this Craic, please click “like”, leave a comment, subscribe and tweet a link.Check out, Follow me on Twitter @GrahamMack

The Shamus Dialogues By Friedrich Thorn In this audiobook, I play a talking cat and 13 different human characters. This is NOT a children’s book though, it’s definitely for grown-ups! Shamus is not your typical cat – standing six feet, seven inches, to be exact and with the uncanny ability to needle sudden realisation out […]

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I had a nice chat with Danielle Palli, the author of ‘The Data Collectors’ which is a brilliant Sci-Fi book that I narrated and produced as an audiobook. Get the audiobook for FREE with a free 30 trail of Audible; Click here for Audible UK; Click here for Audible USA; Follow Danielle on Twitter;@DaniellePalli Check […]

I had a chat with Jim Chuong about the audiobook I produced for him called “Financial Freedom Now: Learn how to escape middle class poverty and make money work for you!”. Jim talks about how he became financially free and how the audiobook will show you how to do the same. Get the audiobook for […]

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The latest audiobook I’ve done is a story of romance and adventure. It’s called, “Intrigued by an Ancient Pedigree” by Sandra Sookoo. Three months after the birth of his son, Miles Lawrence Hawkins, the fifth Earl of Archewyne, is attempting to acclimate to fatherhood, but he longs for adventure. Someone is masquerading as the heir […]

I had a chat with Hari Singh about his audiobook book, “Effective Remote Working Techniques For Coders” which I narrated and produced. If you’re now working remotely or will be soon, you need the audiobook which contains nine practical steps to boost your productivity when working wherever you like. Get the audiobook for free – […]

I was reminded of The Who song. “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” this weekend. Since March this year, I’ve been producing audiobooks. Last month I got ripped off.  I accepted a project through the Audiobook Creation Exchange. The audiobook was a series of ten, one hour meditations. When I’d finished the work and loaded […]

I had a chat with Steve Howrie, the author of “Time Leap 1: Date Me”, his fabulous book about time travel. I’ve just produced the audiobook version for him. We talk about what influenced the book and the characters, the importance of writers groups for budding authors, his music and what to look forward to […]

I got ripped off this week. I’ve become an audiobook narrator. I auditioned for and was accepted to narrate a guided meditation audiobook through The deal I had with the manuscript rights holder was that I would get paid $70 for every hour of the book I produced. The book contained ten one-hour meditations, […]

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I’ve narrated another audiobook and it’s a prequel to that last one I did for the author Malcolm Archibald. Captain Jack Windrush and the the infamous 113th Foot are assigned to India, just before the Indian Mutiny breaks out in 1858. Returning from a five-day march with his company, Jack finds that the sepoys have […]

This is the strange noise in the hallway of our new apartment. It’s been going non-stop for over a month now. It sounds like it’s coming from the other side of the wall which is next door’s bathroom. We’ve asked them and they say they have no idea what it is either. The builders came […]

I had a chat with the broadcasting legend Tony Prince. He talked about meeting Elvis in Las Vegas, the truth about Colonel Tom Parker and Tony’s early life and career that took him from spinning discs and introducing the Beatles in a northern ballroom to broadcasting to an international audience of 100 million on Radio […]

London Calling


In the latest episode of my show for America, Writer, producer and broadcaster, Trevor Dann talks about how he got started, some of the iconic radio and television programs he’s worked on, the people he’s worked with, hired and fired. As well as Trevor, There’s a roundup of what’s happening in Britain including ‘shrinkflation’, how […]

Twice is Nice


Now that ebooks are so easy to get on my phone, a few months ago, I decided to read all fourteen James Bond books written by Ian Fleming, in the order they were published. Right now I’m up to the 12th one, “You Only Live Twice”. I read a few James Bond books when was […]

Never judge a book by it’s movie. I’m reading all fourteen James Bond books written by Ian Fleming in the order they were published. Right now I’m up to the eleventh one, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. I mentioned this at work today and one of my workmates shouted out, “That’s the one where George […]

This Craic appears in issue 220 of the Liverpool fanzine, Red All Over The Land. I have to admit that when John Pearman, the editor of Red All Over The Land asked me to review a new Beatles book for the fanzine, I was expecting something a bit lighter. I don’t mean the content, I […]

Why do we still have libraries in the 21st century? Birmingham City Council spent £183 million on a new library. It opened in 2013, now they can’t afford any books. They recently put out a leaflet that read, “Books required! Due to public saving cuts we are no longer purchasing any new books or newspapers. […]