Red All Over The Land


There is something special about being a Liverpool fan. We are family, this means more.

I want to give a plug to a very good friend of mine and share how he’s getting through the current situation and what you can do to help.

I’ve mentioned John Pearman on here before. He’s the editor of the excellent Liverpool FC Fanzine, Red All Over The Land. It is the only surviving printed Liverpool FC Fanzine. Totally independent but 100% Liverpool. It gives a voice to the fans of England’s greatest football club and has even featured a couple of articles I’ve written over the years. If you have never read the printed version (and if you’re a Liverpool fan, shame on you), here’s a link to the website.


Issue 261 was on sale at Anfield on the Champions League night and sold well considering the cold winds. John’s plan was simple, what he had left over, he’d sell at the following home game, but sadly we’re still waiting for that next home game. This meant that John had around 250 unsold Fanzines on his hands.

So what John did was to say that for every copy of the printed version he sold, he’d donate £1 to the Liverpool food banks and for any new subscriptions taken, then a fiver would be donated. The response has been great and John has already transferred £100 to the food banks on behalf of the Fanzine and its readers.

You can still get a copy and all you need to do is visit and go to the subscription page and no matter where you live on this planet you can get the latest issue and have it delivered to your door for £2.50 if you live in the UK, £3.50 if you’re in Europe and £4.50 if you live anywhere else on earth. If nothing else you’ll have something to read during self isolating.

Remember, for every copy bought on-line a donation of £1 will be made to the Liverpool food banks and if you subscribe then a £5 donation will be made.

Subscriptions rates are UK 10 Issues £20; Single Issue £2.50. Europe 10 Issues £30 Singles Issue £3.50. Rest of the World 10 Issues £37 Single issue £4.50. John will do his best to post out within 24 hours of the order being received.
If you want to buy the Fanzine via Bank Transfer email John at

If you know a Liverpool fan anywhere in the world, share a link to this blog or direct to

There is no football at the moment but that doesn’t stop us being fans. Subscribing or buying copies of Red All Over The Land is a great way to help people in need and remind them that…

You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Craic on!

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