Johnny B. Good!


I’m so excited! 

I’ve been an admirer of the Chicago radio legend, Jonathon Brandmeier, since I got into radio in the early 90s. At first I paid to listen to him on cassettes sent through the post to me in Australia by a company called “California Aircheck”. Years later I visited Chicago and listened to him live on WLUP, “The Loop”.

On various trips to the USA over the years to attend radio conventions, I’ve listened to Johnny on WCKG, WGN, WLW, and WLS in Chicago and KLSX in Los Angeles.

From March 30, 2015, to December 12, 2016, I listened to the podcast of his Westwood One, nationwide talk show every morning before I went on the air at BOBfm in Hertfordshire. Johnny and his newsman Buzz Kilman were the inspiration for the show I was doing with Chris Hubbard. 

I was lucky enough to meet and interview Johnny at the “Morning Show Boot Camp” radio convention in Chicago in August 2015. We got on so well that he invited me on his show a couple of times, have listen here…

Johnny hasn’t been on the radio since December 2016 and I miss him.

When I got fired from my last radio job in February 2019, one of the first people to send me a personal email was Jonathon Brandmeier.

This morning (April 4th), I opened an email sent last night with the subject line, “You’re not dreaming, we’re streaming”. The email read, “People of Earth, HELLOOOOOO…is anybody out there??? My name is Jonathon Brandmeier. I am lonely and my friend Buzz is scared. We need to talk to someone – anyone! – from the outside world.  We’re going LIVE TOMORROW, Saturday, April 4th, at 10am CT”.

10am in Chicago is 4pm in London, I can’t wait!

Click here to listen to Jonathon Brandmeier, live;

Craic on!

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