I Picked The Wrong Time To Be Unemployed!


The world is closed.

I haven’t worked for twenty-seven years. That’s because I’ve had a job in radio. I’ve been a presenter and programmer. Neither of those things can be compared to actual work. Before that, I had proper jobs. I was a pipe fitter on an oil refinery construction site in New Zealand and an air-conditioning engineer in Sydney Australia.  

Unfortunately, right now, I’m properly unemployed. After nearly thirty years of near continuous employment in radio, I’m on the bench. And there’s never been a worse time in the history of the world to be out of work.

In radio, getting fired is an occupational hazard. For some, it’s seen as a badge of honour. All of the best talent I know, have been fired at least once. Sometimes it’s called “redundancy” or a contract doesn’t get renewed but the result is the same, so let’s not sugar coat it, if you lose your job, you’ve been fired.

I was “let go” on 19th February. I’m still on the payroll till 19th May so ordinarily I would have had time to find something new. But there’s nothing ordinary about the times we live in. I HAD applied for a lot of good jobs and had meetings scheduled with some important people. Since the lockdown, everything has been put on hold, indefinitely.

For the last few days, I’ve been using my studio at home to audition for voiceover work and I’ve been pitching to radio stations up and down the country telling them that, thanks to technology, I can present live and voicetracked shows remotely or deliver fully produced programmes if they need them during this crisis. So far, I have picked up a little bit of work but not enough to live on.

In the years BC, (Before Corona) Julie managed a gift shop. Well that’s been closed since the 24th March AD (After Disease).

Let’s not kid ourselves, this is the new normal and will be for a very long time. The only way out of this is a vaccine. That is eighteen months to two years away and even when the lockdown is over, we’ll be feeling the economic effects of this for many years to come.

My only hope right now is to, dare I say it?… Look for a REAL JOB!

I’ll keep you posted.

Craic on!

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One Response to “I Picked The Wrong Time To Be Unemployed!”

  1. 1 Mark

    So the time came for change lock your door and be a prisoner in your own home for staying alive. This is been on the cards for a long time. People dont like to take note of rules when they have been put in place. All good things come to a end its seeing the change for your self .stay safe stay at home if you can. ?

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