Faggots, Maggots Kinkies And Chinkies



Here’s how to be offensive on the radio without getting into trouble with Ofcom.

Ofcom are the government body that regulates and licences broadcasting in the UK. They have effectively banned the song ‘Melting Pot’ by Blue Mink. They’ve found Black Diamond FM in breach of its radio licence after complaints were received about the station playing the song.

When Melting pot was released in 1969, it reached No 3 in the UK charts and has been a fixture on radio playlists for decades. But the song’s racial language, including references to “curly Latin kinkies” and “yellow Chinkies”, has been deemed inappropriate for modern audiences by Britain’s media watchdog.

It’s not the first time, Ofcom have dealt with this song. In August this year, Gold was forced to ban the song after Ofcom stepped in and said the song, “…would not be acceptable on a mainstream radio station”.

The thing is, “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues is playing on radio stations all over the country right now, uncensored, even though it contains the lyrics, “…you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot…”

Clearly, Ofcom considers the word “faggot” to be inoffensive in the context of this song even though a lot of the stations that play Fairytale of New York also play a censored version of Dire Straights ‘Money For Nothing’ with the word ‘faggot’ removed.

It’s a bit more complicated with the word “maggot”. In Fairytale of New York, it’s OK but in 2018, while I was on the air at BOBfm, I used the word maggot and was found to have put the radio station in breach of it’s licence.

If you programme a radio station and are unsure of the Ofcom rules, let me explain. – If you’re going to play an offensive song, make sure it’s homophobic rather than racist and if you want to broadcast the word “maggot”, don’t say it, sing it.

Craic on!

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