Abbreviated Encounter



It’s time to ban all abbreviations.

Sometimes the abbreviation takes longer to say than the actual words. Stephen Fry pointed out that World Wide Web contains less syllables than “double-you double-you double-you”.

Then there are the short words that are abbreviated. What’s the point of using @ instead of “at”? It still means you have to press two keys on the keyboard because you have to hit the 2 key and the shift key. What are you saving there?

My biggest problem with abbreviations is there are so many for the same thing and that’s confusing. I worked at a radio station a long time ago that had a fleet of promotional vehicles called “Black Thunders”. Staff started referring to each one as a “BT”. I’m sorry but BT is British Telecom. It turns out that BT is also an abbreviation for the title of Baronet, Breakfast Television in Canada and the post code for Northern Ireland.

At that radio station, I was the “P.C.”, Programme Controller. That felt weird because, to me, P.C. was always a Police Constable. It can also stand for lots of other things including:
Personal Computer, Printed Circuit, Politically Correct, Professional Corporation, Postcard, Power Control, Program Code, Phone Call, Paper Clip, Press Conference, Private Chat, Personal Contact, Power Converter, Patch Cord, Prince Charles, Professional Component, Paradise City, Player Controlled, Primary Care, Planning Commission, Pussy Cat, Peace Corps, Pony Club, Purchase Card, Project Code, Pokemon Center, Powder Coating, Pocket Calculator, Parish Council, Presbyterian Church, Physical Contact, Principal Component, Panama Canal, Piano Concerto, Public Citizen, Paracetamol, Prostate Cancer, Passenger Car, Protective Clothing, Pitcairn Islands, Polycarbonate, Pierre Cardin, Portion Control, Previous Channel, Probable Cause, Photocopy, Patrol Car, Per Capita, Percentage, Communist Party, Poets Corner, Panasonic Corporation, Palliative Care, Petty Cash, Pepsi-Cola, Principal Consultant, Privy Council, Prime Contractor, Procurement Clerk, Precast Concrete, Pressure Chamber, Protective Custody, People’s Court, Plaid Cymru, Party Chief, Private Contractor, Profit Centre, Plastic Conduit, Partial Correlation, Peaches & Cream, Personal Carer, Point of Curvature, Provisional Cost, Pelvic Contractions, Petrol Cap, Public Convenience and Post Coital.

In fact all abbreviations are PC – Pretty Crap!

Craic on!

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