Johnny B, Good!


They say you should never meet your heroes. I don’t agree, working in radio, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of mine and it doesn’t matter if they’re a footballer, actor or musician, usually it’s been a great experience and they’ve been everything I’d hoped they would be.

One bloke in particular stands out and that’s Jonathon Brandmeier. He’s a US radio personality and I first heard about him in the early 90s, when I read the transcript of an interview with him in Dan O’Day’s book, Personality Radio. Then I sent off for Dan’s “Greatest Shows On Earth, Volume 4” on tape cassette and heard him for the first time on WLUP (The Loop) in Chicago. Years later on many trips to Chicago, I heard him live on the air and he sounded just as good as on tape. I don’t know what it is about Jonathon Brandmeier that I like. He’s edgy but not hard edged, everything he does on the air sounds like fun and what I hear is a love for the medium of radio.

In August 2015, I got to meet Johnny B. at Talentmasters Morning Show Boot Camp in Chicago and I interviewed him for the Radio Today Podcast. At the end of the interview we had a laugh as he recited some of his favourite Monty Python sketches, probably because I’m English. He was great and told me I should be a guest on his new nationally syndicated show one day. I thought he was just being nice but the following year, he called me and had me on his show, not once but twice.

Since meeting him and being on his show, I’m now an even bigger fan.

Craic on!

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