Election Objection



Democracy doesn’t work which is a shame with council elections on right now.

Most people are not Scientists, economists or engineers. Politicians are experts on politics but not much else. When politicians make policy they should really ask experts on each individual topic and go with what they say. The problem is, experts make up a tiny fraction of the electorate and democracy is a numbers game.

Politicians are greedy for power and will stop at nothing to get it so instead, they make policy based on the perceptions of the majority of voters. In other words, politicians care the most about the people who know the least.

Politicians love it when an electorate has an irrational fear because they can stoke that fear then offer solutions. Immigration, the fear of other religions, a loss of national identity and scarcity are the phobias that got Hitler and Trump elected and sent Britain towards Brexit.

On top of that, older people are way more likely turn out on polling day and they make up more than 18% of the British electorate. When I asked for my voting slip at the church hall where I vote, I was surrounded by so many old people, I half expected to be given a bingo card.

We’re told that democracy is best and people have fought and died to protect it but it’s a system where power hungry megalomaniacs are rewarded for getting the largest group of misinformed, ignorant and sometimes prejudice people, who may not even be alive in five years time, to put a tick in a box next to their name.

There must be a better way. The problem is, if someone came up with a new system, who’d vote for them?

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