The Boys Are Back In Town!


Russ & Jono, the multi award-winning radio show hosts are back!

They appeared as guest stars on Fix Radio last month and the audience response was so big that now they’re back, permanently.

The Russ and Jono Fix Radio Experience will be heard weekdays 12-1pm and Saturdays 8-10am on Fix Radio London and Fix Radio Manchester on DAB, and around the world on the Fix Radio smartphone app and online at!

The new show will feature classic bits like, ‘Sad But True’, ‘Dumb Crime of the Day’, ‘Probe the Globe’, ‘Lost in Showbiz’, the wayward newsreaders ‘Shanka & Edward’ and their new, film review feature, ‘Jono on the Commode’.

The Russ and Jono Fix Radio Experience, weekdays 12-1pm & a ‘best of’ show on Saturdays 8-10am! Listen live here from March 4th;

Craic on!

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