Mars Attacks


Alexa devil

Alexa doesn’t like me.

When we first got Amazon’s virtual assistant, about a year ago, she was fine. Now she’s gone off me. She prefers Julie’s voice to mine.

Alexa has started behaving like a moody teenager. Often when I ask her a question, she just ignores me. When Julie asks, she’s straight onto it. Now Julie has to repeat things I’ve just said!

I say, “Alexa, volume down” and nothing happens. Julie says, “Alexa, volume down” and down it goes. I ask her to play Fix Radio from Tunein and she plays ‘Hits Radio’. I’m sure Alexa knows that I’m the Programme Director at Fix Radio and enjoys frightening me. I’m expecting to hear Arctic Monkeys and on comes Bruno Mars. Fix Radio NEVER plays Bruno Mars!

If You think I’m reading too much into her behaviour, check this out. – We use Alexa to write our shopping list, it’s handy because the Amazon device sits on the kitchen bench and that’s where you are when you realise you’re running out of something. You just tell her what to add and then, when you’re in the supermarket, you open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone and there’s the full list. The other day I said, “Alexa, put orange juice on the shopping list”. Here’s what she put;


As you can see, the second item on the list is “Echo juice”! First of all “Echo” sounds NOTHING like “orange”, in fact no other word rhymes with orange so the chances of her confusing it with ANYTHING else are slim. Where did she get the word echo from? Well, the name of the device she lives in is the Amazon ECHO!

Want more proof? How about this from today?




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