Secret Sound Part 6


Mystery solved but it shouldn’t have take this long!

For weeks now, we’ve had this annoying noise in the hallway of our new build flat. It sounds like it’s coming from the wall that separate us from our next door neighbour. The builders have been, turned off all of the power in our flat and the neighbours flat but the noise continues. Last night, Julie went downstairs to ask the people in the flat below us if they’ve noticed anything.

As soon as they opened their door, she heard it. It was our noise, only much louder. The bloke who lives there said it was a bathroom exhaust fan and he’d reported it to the builders. He flipped the isolating switch and, silence!

It was them all along, the noise is in their ceiling which is our floor. It vibrated the wall and the vibrations made it sound like it was in the wall between us and our neighbours next door.

The thing I don’t understand is this; they’d reported it to the builders, when the builders got a report from us about a noise, why didn’t they just look for other reports of noise in the same building, work out that one of them was from the flat DIRECTLY BELOW US and check that out first?

Craic on!

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