Welcome Back Russ & Jono!


In the 90s, the biggest commercial radio Breakfast Show in the UK was Russ & Jono on Virgin. They had millions of listeners and won just about every major award going.

Now they’re back and they’re on Fix Radio. All of their classic features have returned including, ‘House Of Crap’, ‘Sad But True’, ‘Dumb Crime Of The Day’, ‘Probe the Globe’, ‘Lost In Showbiz’, the wayward newsreaders ‘Shanka & Edward’ and new features including, a film review, ‘Jono on the Kermode’ – film reviews from the toilet (commode), and Mike the Australian radio consultant – who calls up to tell the boys if they’re ‘nailing it’ or if the show needs to be Fix-ed. Australian listeners may recognise Mike as the TV and radio presenter, Mike Hammond.

Jono recently opened up about his year-long battle with prostate cancer. In case you missed it this week on Fix Radio, here’s what it sounded like;

I hope you can listen to Russ & Jono every weekday between noon & 1pm, and Saturday morning between 8am and 10pm, on Fix Radio on DAB in London and Manchester, on the Fix Radio phone app and online here;

Craic on!

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